Pesticide Applicator Records

It is extremely important that licensed pesticide applicators maintain accurate records of each pesticide application made.  In New Jersey, all licensed pesticide applicators are required to maintain application records of any pesticide applied, whether it is a restricted or general use pesticide.  Additionally, licensed pesticide applicators must maintain records of the active ingredient used, as well as record of any applicator or operator on-the-job training. 

As a service, we have provided below template forms that incorporate the three types of required records into a single form.  These forms have been reviewed by the NJDEP Pesticide Control Program to be compliant with the 2008 revised regulation changes in required records. The forms below are an option and are not required to be used.  If you choose, you may devise your own record keeping system as long as it is in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Records of all pesticide applications must be maintained on file as follows:

  • Private applicators:  3 years
  • Commercial applicators: 3 years; with the exception of termiticide applications, which be maintained on file for a minimum of 5 years.

Consult the New Jersey pesticide control regulations online or contact the NJDEP Pesticide Control Program by phone at 609-530-4070 for more specifics. The NJDEP released a policy clarification on pesticide record keeping in October of 2002, which is posted for your convenience.  Call the NJDEP for further clarification.

Pesticide Applicator Storage Inventory Submittal

In New Jersey, all licensed pesticide applicators who store pesticides are required per N.J.A.C. 7:30-9.5 to maintain a list of the pesticides stored or likely to be stored during the license year. A storage inventory should be kept separate from the actual storage area. See below for a template form that meets the requirements for a single storage location address. The purpose of the inventory is to provide local fire departments with an accurate description of things stored by location in case of fire or other emergency. We suggest filling out a form per storage address of your establishment. You may also devise a form that suits your needs as long as it meets the requirements of N.J.A.C. 7:30-9.5.

All licensed pesticide applicators who store pesticides are required by law to send a copy of their storage inventor(ies) with an explanatory cover letter to the local fire company along with a description and/or diagram of the actual location of each storage area. Specifically, NJDEP regulations provide; "The cover letter shall explain that this list has been sent pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:30-9.5(b).4". See below for a template submittal letter that meets the requirements.

Submittal to the fire department is required annually by May 1st of each year. (This does not pertain to pesticides stored for personal use, or to those storing pesticides at loading or application areas for less than 7 days.) Applicators must keep the cover letter on file for a minimum of three years and should have it available for NJDEP upon request

Choose the form you need according to the intended purpose listed below.

Record or Form User Intended Purpose
Pesticide Applicator Records    

Example Private Applicator Record Form (3/17/10) PDF file

Private Applicators

Farm pesticide application record

See excerpt of NJAC 7:30- 8.8 Records for exact elements required by the 2008 revised regulations. This sample record meets all of these elements. You may use your own form as long as all regulation-required elements are recorded.

Private Applicator Record

Blanks (3/17/10)

Editable Spreadsheets (5/17/10)

Commercial Applicator Record Packet

Source: NJDEP

Commercial Applicators Can be used for any commercial application, including landscaping

Landscape pesticide application record

Commercial Applicators

Landscape pesticide application record

Please note that another version of this record form is under development. In the interim, please use the forms above

Pesticide Application Notification Templates

Consumer Information Notice (PDF file; Word file; revised 1/09)


Commercial Applicators

Required information for release to consumer on pesticide(s) used in commercial applications

Revised form includes revisions to statement about NJDEP as follows:

"...NEW JERSEY PESTICIDE CONTROL PROGRAM (609) 984-6507.  This number is for pesticide regulatory information and pesticide complaints , and health referrals. ..."

Pesticide Applicator Storage Inventory & Submittal Letter


Cover Letter to Fire Department (revision 2; 3/16/10); editable Word file

Private & Commercial Applicators
Required information to be submitted to local fire department annually


Note: Per NJDEP's 2008 regulation revision, our example cover letter has been revised to add the citation of the exact location of the storage area on your property. You may indicate the exact location by either written description or diagram.


Pesticide Storage Inventory Form -Single Address (3/16/10); editable Word file