Pesticide Related Publications

Licensed pesticide applicators in the state of New Jersey can typically consult their pesticide applicator CORE manual or Category manual for their specific area of certification when they have questions. 

We have compiled below fact sheets specific to pesticide-related topics, and several resources used in our personal protective equipment training for applicators. This information is provided for pesticide applicators for field use.  Please contact the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension Pesticide Management Office at (732) 932-9802 if you have any questions.

Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension also  publishes fact sheets, newsletters and advisories on a wide variety of topics, including pesticide application, as a part of our public outreach mission.  Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension Publications are another tool that applicators can use to maintain competence.

Pub ID No. Publication/Resource Title Revision Date Pages
Respiratory Protection for Pesticides (Guidance Document)
Document for Archival Purposes Only

2002 8

EPA Respirator Statements for Pesticides (attachment to above)
Document for Archival Purposes Only

 2005 1
2001 1
USDA Regional Pest Management Centers Fact Sheet
2003 2
Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets
FS197 Toxicity of Pesticides (*under revision) 2001 2
FS052 Pesticide Applicator Certification New Jersey (*under revision) 2003 4
E261A Be Safe With Pesticides 2007 9
FS051 pH Effects of Pesticide Stability & Efficacy 2001 2
FS603 Pesticide Storage Facilities 2001 2
FS609 Ultrasonic and Subsonic Devices for Pest Control 1992 2
FS638 Sticky Board Traps for Greenhouses 2003 2
FS748 What is IPM? 1999 2
FS936 Getting Started With an Effective IPM Program 1999 4
EPA's Worker Protection Standard
FS771 EPA's Worker Protection Standard 1994 4
FS 772 Pesticide Applications & Field Posting 2001 2
FS 773 Central Information Posting 2001 2
FS774 Special Requirements for Nurseries & Greenhouses 1994 2
FS 776 Safety Training for Agricultural Workers & Pesticide Handlers 2001 2
FS 778 Early-entry Work Situations 1994 2
FS779 Decontamination Sites & Emergency Requirements 1994 2