School Integrated Pest Management:  

Resource Guide for New York & New Jersey

IPM for Your School!

Your schools may already be practicing IPM to varying degrees to control pests in and around school buildings. The successful practice of IPM is community-based. So, it’s important to know not only what is required in your community, but also what works! This Resource Guide can help you get started now.  Use the Guide online, or order your own copy using the handy brochure.

General Resources contains synopses of agencies, publications, and web resources that are useful in setting up a School IPM program anywhere in the United States.

The State–specific resources give you what you need to tailor your pest management program to recognize, evaluate, and minimize the occurrence of pests common to New Jersey and New York. These two sections include synopses of agencies or organizations that are directly involved with School IPM, and can answer general or specific questions you have about resources and getting started.

Additionally, each of the State sections has a subsection listing training & conferences in School IPM and pest management.

How to use the guide:

This Resource Guide (pdf) is separated into three sections:
  1. General Resources for School IPM & IPM;
  2. NJ Resources for School IPM; and
  3. NY Resources for School IPM.