School Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

School IPMWelcome to the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Pest Management Office home page for School IPM.  The purpose of these pages is to provide those responsible for pest management in New Jersey schools information and tools to successfully implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Integrated Pest Management on school property is a long-term approach to maintaining healthy landscapes and facilities that minimizes risks to people and the environment.

Integrated Pest Management uses site assessment, monitoring, and pest prevention in combination with a variety of pest management tactics to keep pests within acceptable limits.

Instead of routine chemical applications, Integrated Pest Management employs physical, horticultural, mechanical,  and biological controls with selective use of pesticides when needed.

5 Ways to Get Started with School IPM!

  1. Get the bottom line on New Jersey's 'School IPM Act' enacted on December 12, 2002. Access printable and browsable versions of the 'Summary of the Key Requirements of the School IPM Act'.
  2. See also the Model School IPM Policy template, and 'Model Plan for School IPM in New Jersey Schools' template written to comply with the law and regulations.
  3. Use the easy-access School IPM Resources webpage online which includes our five topical IPM Report Cards Use the Tools webpage to get pest-specific management tactics for your school.
  4. Get trained! New Jersey School IPM Coordinators are required to take a State-approved School IPM Coordinator certification course.
  5. training, and get your questions answered by New Jersey contacts for School IPM.

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We would like to gratefully acknowledge US EPA Region 2 for their financial support (through their Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Grants Program) to allow us to start our School IPM website